Artist Statement
Jaan Andres - Glass Design

An early interest in graffiti and the idea of the ‘logo’ influenced my brain as a youngster. The act of stylising and composing bits of language to create a phrase has always been a method I use to make artworks. Since beginning to work with glass, the blown and sculpted element has become the unit of language I embellish and compose.



Born in Ontario, Canada in 1985, I grew up near Haliburton until my family moved to Calgary in 1995. I was named after my fathers brother Jaan, a practicing painter still working in Toronto. My uncle’s practice indirectly influenced and encouraged me to become interested in art throughout my youth and so I feel my identity as a maker has been with me for a long time. I began making glass at ACAD in 2004 receiving a BFA, along with the ACAD board of governors award for glass in 2007. In 2009 I moved to Adelaide to participate in the Jam Factory glass associate program. I now live and work in Adelaide, assisting several other artists and running my practise from the Jam Factory.